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PublishDate: Thursday, December 24, 2020 15:39

Saleh: Afghanistan Requires Acceptable Peace to All Sides

At an event in Kabul on Thursday, Amrullah Saleh, The First Vice President said, that Afghanistan requires an acceptable peace to all sides and the public.

He indicated that the Taliban has issues with the , its sovereignty, resources, constitution, and everything of the Afghan government.

 “Death, to be hanged, is far more honorable than an agreement where I take the right to vote away from my people and give it to a certain circle, in the name of a peace deal. No never”, Saleh added to his words that “A peace without dignity is not accepted by any nation”.

Peace does not mean a one side slap, it is required for all of the ethnic groups in Afghanistan, Saleh said.

According to Saleh, ’s_sovereignty will not be ignored during the peace process, and peace with fragmented identities cannot be achieved, “peace must be national”.

Afghanistan has received severe damages during the 40 years of war, and by giving up our values there will be peace by tomorrow, but leadership should be determined by the nation, not Quetta Shura or other councils, Saleh added to his words.

Saleh said, belongs to the people and the people have the right to trample on it as the constitution allows it and this is our line with the Taliban.

This comes as previously Saleh pointed three activities of Mullah Baradar in Pakistan, Meeting group’s wounded fighters in a Pakistani governmental hospital, thanking the country for the generous support, and visited a Taliban training camp in Pakistan for motivating the group’s fighters.


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