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PublishDate: Tuesday, December 22, 2020 15:07

ANA ‘Safely’ Detonates Bomb, Avoiding Infrastructure Damages in Kabul

KABUL, Afghanistan – The Afghan National Army (ANA) “safely detonated” a bomb planted under a bridge in Police District 19 (PD19) of Kabul city, said the Ministry of Defense in a statement, avoiding a possible infrastructure damages at the location.

Afghan voice agency(AVA)_According to the statement, the bomb was discovered by the national army members on Monday, which could have taken lives if otherwise the bomb would went off.

“A bomb which was placed by #Taliban under a bridge in PD 19 of Kabul was discovered and safely detonated by #ANA,” said the MoD in a tweet. “Additionally, lives of tens of civilians were saved as a result.”

Officials did not provide further details, but accused Taliban for having hands behind such an attacks.

Taliban did not immediately comment on the incident.

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