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PublishDate: Sunday, December 20, 2020 15:26

Hitmen Killed in Shootouts with Kabul Police

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) said on Sunday that two insurgents who tried to plan and organize targeted assassinations in the Farza district of Kabul province using a motorcycle, were killed by the police.

According to the statement, the two men officers in -e-Mohammad Jan area of ​​Farza district of Kabul province on Saturday.

Both are reported to have been killed as a result of the police retaliation.

Meanwhle, two Kalashnikov assault rifles, a pistol, and a motorbike were seized from them.

Insecurity in Kabul has escalated in recent months, coinciding with peace talks in Doha, with a in Kabul’s fifth district today that killed at least nine and injuring 15 others.

Earlier, a suicide bomber was killed before reaching his target against Afghan National Army (ANA) in Nawa district of province, said the Ministry of Defense in a stement Sunday.

According to the statement, two ANA members bore “minor injuries” as the explosion went off.

“This morning, a wanted to attack ANA forces in Nawa district of Helmand prov. with a car bomb,” said the MoD in a tweet. “He was identified and eliminated by the ANA before he could reach his target.”


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