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PublishDate: Saturday, December 19, 2020 10:02

Rockets Fired at US Air Base in Afghanistan: Officials

Four rockets hit the Bagram Airfield, a major US air base in Afghanistan, early Saturday morning but so far officials have not given details on possible casualties in the incident.

The rockets were fired at Bagram Airfield from Qalandarkhil area in Parwan province, said Wahida Shahkar, spokesperson for governor. 

Bagram district governor Abdul Shakoor Qudosi said that the incident happened at around 6:30am on Saturday morning. 

He said that 10 BM-12 rockets were placed on a in Qalandarkhil area. He added that four of the rockets were fired and six others were foiled by police. 

According to him, they have no details about possible damage to the base by the .


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