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Finance Ministry Eyes Afs5 Billion Worth of Unpaid Tax in Few Days

KABUL, Afghanistan – The Ministry of Finance on Monday said it will procure at least Afs5 billion ($64.9 million) of unpaid taxes from private companies and government-owned enterprises within the next few days, according to sources.

Officials at the Ministry said the debts will be retrieved in compliance with President #Ashraf_Ghani’s_order, which he made at a cabinet meeting Sunday.

Kam Air, Roshan Telecom, Afghan Telecom and the National Development Company are eight state-owned firms said to owe taxes.

“The amount owed from #private_companies and a number of enterprises which owe income tax and #non-income_tax is worth for more than five billion Afghanis,” said Farid Nawekht, media officer of the Ministry of Finance, as TOLOnews quoted.

While the ministry eyes a huge amount of money for unpaid taxes, the Kam Air official said they have paid a large portion of their debts to the government despite the losses they saw this year due to the pandemic.

“The situation today requires that–due to a 60 percent reduction in our revenues–we be treated based on the law and we should pay taxes in installments,” said Farid Paikar, the deputy head of Kam Air. 

“We signed a #five-year_agreement with the Ministry of Finance in the Hamal month (March 2020) of the current year based on which we will pay debts in installments over five years,” said Shafi Sharifi, head of the communication department of Roshan telecommunication company. 

This came at a time the fiscal year for the year 2020 draws an end, with roughly 6 days ahead.

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