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CNPA Nabs 12 over Multiple Charges across Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN – The Counter Narcotic Police of Afghanistan (CNPA) has arrested at least seven suspects over drug trafficking, said the Ministry of Interior Affairs, after carrying several operation across central and eastern provinces of Afghanistan.

According to the statement, the operation were carried in Herat and Nangarhar provinces, including the capital city Kabul, on Tuesday.

“CNPA arrested seven suspects over drug #trafficking_charges, after CNPA carried multiple operations in Kabul, Herat & Nangarhar provinces,” said the MoIA in a tweet.

Officials did not provide further details, but said “the #arrestees’ files have been referred for further investigation to the related departments.”


Meanwhile, in a separate operation in in northern provinces of the country, Afghan National Army (ANA) has arrested at least five over multiple charges, including murder, said the Ministry.

“During several separate raids, ANP detained five people on charges of murder & armed robbery in Kabul, Panjshir, Kandahar, Daikundi & Kunduz provinces,” said the MoIA in a tweet. “ANP has referred the cases to relevant authorities for further process.”

This came at a time, the country has tighten its #security_measures nationwide after a widespread concern among locals over armed #robberies_and_kidnapping.

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