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Selection process for national bowling team underway in Kabul

The selection process for the Afghan National Bowling Team started in Kabul on Monday with the support of the National Olympic Committee.

Twelve women and 12 men, from central, northern and western zones of the country, will compete for three days in a bid to secure spots in the team. 
The #Bowling_Federation was established in 2018 under the National #Olympic_Committee and, in the same year, two national teams represented Afghanistan for the first time at the #World_Championships.
The two were ranked 33rd in the competition, which was attended by 52 countries. The national bowling team then competed in the Kuwait Asian Games with two female and three male bowlers taking part. 
Since the establishment of the Bowling Federation, several tournaments have been held across the country.
Bowling Federation officials say young people are increasingly interested in the sport, and they have plans to promote the sport in the country.
Currently, more than 100 athletes bowl professionally in three areas of the country, and competitions are held each year to select players for the national team.

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