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Lemon production on the rise in Nangarhar

According to the Nangarhar Department of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock, the number of lemon orchards in the province has increased in recent years.

Inamullah Safi, director of agriculture in Nangarhar, said: “The soil, water and climate of Nangarhar are suitable for the #cultivation of citrus trees and the number of lemon orchards in the province is increasing year by year.”
According to Safi, lemon orchards have been established in many districts of the province, which has resulted in a significant increase in this year’s harvest.
Safi said that this year’s harvest of lemons in Nangarhar is around 5,900 tons, compared to 5,100 tons last year.
Nangarhar lemons not only sold on local markets but are also sent to markets around the country. 
There are many lemon orchards in Nangarhar province and people have planted #lemon_trees in their gardens at home and on farms in the last few years.
The Ministry of Agriculture has meanwhile also established some standard and commercial lemon orchards in the province.
The eastern provinces of Nangarhar, Laghman and Kunar in Afghanistan have a Mediterranean climate and a climate conducive to #citrus_farming.

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