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PublishDate: Monday, December 14, 2020 09:23

Miller Says Has ‘Orders to Reduce U.S. Military Presence’ in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan – The United States and NATO’s Resolute Support forces commander in Afghanistan Gen. Scott Miller on Sunday said he “has orders to reduce the US military presence to 2,500”, according to sources, part of which is “in line with US-Taliban agreement.”

While Trump administration has repeatedly said the number of US forces in Afghanistan will be reduced from roughly 4,000 to 2,500 by mid-January, critique suggested early and “uncoordinated” decision could jeopardize the future of Afghanistan, including its international allies.

“We still have a force that’s capable of providing the necessary support to the Afghan security forces. In some cases, it’s a direct combat support,” Miller said, assuring Afghan forces stability after the withdrawal.

“We still have our train, advice and assist mission that takes place and we certainly have the ability to protect our force as well as meet our .”

Addressing the growing tension throughout Afghanistan that targets Afghan scholars, journalists and civilians, Miller said, “I have talked with the Taliban about this. The violence is too high. The Taliban violence needs to come down. We have had many discussions about this.”

“What we refer to is a , ongoing peace process, where representatives of the republic of Afghanistan are sitting down with the Taliban and we need to make sure that from the military and security standpoint, and to provide the confidence to the people of Afghanistan, that we give this the best opportunity to be successful,” he added.

This came at a time the Afghan and Taliban negotiating teams recently announced a breakthrough on procedural rules of the intra-Afghan negotiations in Qatari capital , saying both teams are commitment for .


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