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PublishDate: Thursday, December 10, 2020 09:43

UK Vows to Stand ‘United in Fight against Corruption’ in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan – The British Embassy in Kabul Wednesday – on occasion of the International Anti-Corruption Day 2020 – vowed to stand “united in the fight against corruption”, said the embassy in an emailed statement to Khaama Press.

“On International-Corruption_Day, and every day, the UK stands alongside our Afghan and international partners: united in the fight against corruption,” the statement read.

Meanwhile, the embassy praised local ArtLords who project various messages on peace and prosperity, including anti-corruption, throughout the city, calling it “eye-catching artworks”.

“I have seen for myself the striking art pieces Artlords has created in Kabul and across the country,” said the to Afghanistan Alison Blake.

“Its work transforms forbidding and grey walls into bright, eye-catching artworks promoting peace and community through creativity.”

Unveiling UK’s new mural on the theme of anti-corruption and education, Blake said they hope this will highlight the UK’s commitment to help eliminate corruption in Afghanistan and to making sure that all children across the country receive the education they deserve.

“All Afghanistan’s citizens deserve access to quality public services,” the ambassador added. “We see this as essential in building a more prosperous and fairer Afghanistan, free from conflict, and with opportunity and promise.”

Over the last six years, ArtLords completed nearly 2,000 murals in 24 provinces of Afghanistan that raise awareness about key issues confronting the country such as human rights, corruption, drugs and warlords, and public health.


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