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PublishDate: Wednesday, December 9, 2020 13:18

First Shipment of COVID19 Vaccine to Enter Afghanistan in Next 7 Months: MoPH

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) says Afghanistan will receive its first shipment of coronavirus vaccines in mid-2021, which will be for 3 percent of the population.

The spokesman of MoPH, Akmal Samsor in a #press_conference on Wednesday said that Afghanistan will receive the coronavirus vaccine from two sources.

Samsor said the first source is the #International_Coalition of the corona vaccine, which provides for 20% of the country’s population in six stages within two years.

He noted that if the production of vaccines in the market increases, the amount of vaccines that will enter the country will increase.

The MoPH spokesman called vaccination a part of the efforts, saying that Afghanistan had “cold storage chains” and that works are underway to address its shortcomings.

#Samsor said another part of the efforts to develop the corona vaccine is training special staff to adapt the corona vaccine that is being worked on.

According to him, those who have been vaccinated will be given an ID card.

Samsor stressed that the corona vaccine is being provided to Afghanistan free of charge by the International Vaccine Coalition.

He said $ 100 million had been provided by the World Bank and $ 50 million by the #Asian_Development_Bank to provide the #corona_vaccine.

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