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PublishDate: Monday, December 7, 2020 16:18

Government presents 452 billion afghanis 2021 budget to parliament

Afghan government presented a 452 billion afghanis ($5.8 billion) for 2021 to lawmakers on Monday.

The proposal includes 295 billion afghanis for ordinary expenses and 156 billion afghanis for development purpose.

Deputy Finance Minister Habib Zadran said that the budget proposal has been prepared based on the ground realities, available resources and government priorities.

According to the ministry, revenues will reach 216 billion afghanis next year, which will fund 48 percent of the budget.

The government plans to increase revenues through investment and strengthening the private sector.

“The budget should take into account balanced distribution of development projects across the country,” a lawmaker said.

The budget proposal is presented to parliament for approval less than two weeks before the end of current fiscal year.


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