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PublishDate: شنبه 15 September 139915:16

UN Blockchain Tool Aims to Improve Land Registry in Afghanistan’s Cities

The United Nations has released a blockchain-powered solution to help the Afghan government manage property ownership issues in the country’s urban areas.

The U.N. #Human_Settlements_Programme, or U.N.-Habitat, will present its new digital land registry solution to the Ministry of #Urban_Development and Land in Afghanistan in December 2020.

The U.N. first launched its blockchain project for sustainable urban development in Afghanistan in 2019.

Now, with its new blockchain-enabled digital land registry tool, the U.N. wants to help Afghanistan address major challenges in urban informal settlements — otherwise known as slums or shanty towns — like land-grabbing, inefficient use of land, and insecure land tenure in informal settlements.

According to the U.N., more than 80% of properties in Afghan cities “are not registered with municipal or national land authorities, and occupants do not have #formal_ownership_documents.”

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