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PublishDate: شنبه 15 September 139915:04

Activists React to 'Looting' of Uruzgan Education Center

Social media users and activists harshly reacted to footage that shows a teacher’s training center is looted by some individuals in the southern province of Uruzgan following an attack on the area by the Taliban.

The center is located in the Dehraood district. Local officials said the Taliban “destroyed” many government buildings and “looted” their facilities after they attacked the district.

“The Taliban has destroyed a teacher’s training center in #Dehraood_district and has looted all its belongings, said    #Ahmad_Shah_Sahil, spokesman for Uruzgan governor.

“All the belongings in the #Education_Directorate such as desks and chairs are missing or have been broken,” said Abdul Malik, a civil society activist in Uruzgan.

Social media users widely shared the footage that shows some people are taking the facilities in the teacher’s training center. The social media users criticized the move and called on the people to protect such centers.

“This is a shame. The people know that our children were studying there, but they are looting schools,” said Asil Khan, a Kabul resident.

“This neither damages the Taliban or the government. Its destruction damages the people,” said Sajidullah, a resident of Uruzgan.

A Taliban spokesman confirmed the destruction of the teacher’s training center in #Uruzgan but rejected their involvement in looting the belongings of the center.

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