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PublishDate: شنبه 15 September 139914:56

Afghan Gov’t Conducted First Reconciliation Council Meeting

Political leaders in Afghanistan attended the first meeting of the High Council for National reconciliation on Saturday.

Addressing the meeting, President Ghani, the need is clear and that is an agreement on the roadmap for peace, adding to his words he said: “the first phase showed that the process was not easy, but it succeeded”.

Abdullah Abdullah, head of the council stressed that Peace needs sacrifices, and we are ready to fully engage with the Taliban to discuss all issues, achieving peace is the national interest, we will decide based on consultation and fully accommodate the rightful demands of the people of Afghanistan.

The first demands of the people are reduction in violence and ceasefire, he said “We have to agree on how to preserve the achievements of the past, and at the same time move forward and have a political settlement. There might be a time that requires the decision of the people of AFG, at that point we shall decide collectively on how to consult the people,”.

 Head of HCNR said, war destroys the country and every, but peace is a guarantee for the future of everyone, Taliban prisoner swap was a bold step and it demonstrates a sacrifice Afghanistan is forever ready for, he called on international and regional support in regards to peace in Afghanistan.

Former president #Hamid_Karzai said peace is a demand of every Afghan, and the country is obliged to end the #bloodshed.

“As much as Afghans have a right to this land, so do the Taliban, and all Afghans, including the Taliban, have a right to live in a peaceful Afghanistan”. The former president said.

Following his speech #Jihadi_leader Abdul Rab Rasool Sayaf Said, Afghans want peace with dignity in which country’s national sovereignty is preserved, he added, that “ As much as we demand peace, Taliban does not, Afghans have the responsibility for public security, but Taliban does not” he called on the Taliban to “immediately put an end to chaos and prevent problems to the public”.

Former Vice President, Mohammad Yunus Qanoon, iterated that war is not the solution for political settlements and that peace should be taken out of two #electoral_teams, as this is a national process.

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