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PublishDate: Saturday, December 5, 2020 13:00

Afghan MMA fighter stabbed to death in Kabul

Nader Mohmand, an Afghan MMA fighter, was stabbed to death by unknown men on Thursday.

He was killed at his home at around 3:30 pm Thursday in the Shah Shahid area in PD^8 of Kabul city, his father confirmed.

#Mohammad_Ajan_Mohmand has urged the police to probe the incident thoroughly.

Mohmand’s neighbors arrived at his flat after a struggle ensued, but they found his body covered in blood.

The motives behind the attack are yet to be determined. 

The Interior Ministry, however, stated the murder could be a #revenge_attack, but police are investigating the incident.

Mohmand on Friday laid to rest at a #graveyard in Kabul.

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