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PublishDate: شنبه 15 September 139912:54

Taliban Warns U.S Over Violating Peace Agreement

Qari Yusuf Ahmadi, a spokesman for the Taliban, said US forces attacked the group’s positions in Helmand province last night in violation of the Doha peace agreement between Washington and the Taliban.

He stated on Friday, that US forces had attacked the village of Lavi Bagh in the #Nad_Ali_district of Helmand province following repeated violations of the #Doha_agreement.

 He claimed, Americans have attacked a region far from the battlefield, killing 18 civilians including Taliban fighters, and wounding three others.

According to Ahmadi, the US attack on Helmand province destroyed Taliban strongholds as a result of which civilian residential places were also damaged.

A Taliban spokesman claimed that when people wanted to evacuate the dead and wounded, these people were attacked 7 times during the evacuation process after the initial hit.

Condemning the incident, he warned the US government that “such reckless actions would not go unanswered, and progress against the Doha agreement will result in bad consequences”.

This comes as, the press department of #Herat’s_Police_HQ stated on Saturday morning, that two soldiers and a civilian were killed by #unknown_gunmen in the Islam Qala port of Herat province.

According to the statement, unidentified Gunmen in a Corolla vehicle fired on the soldiers at the customs gate in front near the port of Islam Qala, killing two port security unit members and a civilian.

Provincial Police headquarters appointed an investigative team to probe into the incident.

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