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Presidential Palace Rejects 4 ‘Reconciliation Council’ Members

A source in the High Council for National reconciliation told Khaama Press that the listed names of Rahmatullah Nabil, Seyed Ishaq Gilani, Farkhondeh Zahra Naderi, and Shahzadeh Shahid has been removed as the members of the Reconciliation council due to opposition from President Ghani.

According to the source, President Ghani opposed their presence at the first meeting of the leadership committee of the High Council for National Reconciliation at the #Presidential_palace.

The first general meeting of the council is scheduled today, Meanwhile, #Rahmatullah_Nabil and Sayed Ishaq Gailani confirmed that an invitation was sent to them at first, were later removed after President Ghani objected to their presence at the meeting.

The names of these prominent political figures were recently included in the list of 45 members of the council at the request of HCNR Head, Abdullah Abdullah.  

The Presidential Palace has not yet commented on the matter, but in the past, there have been disagreements between President Ghani and #Dr._Abdullah over appointing Reconciliation council members.

Following the establishment of the High Council for #National_Reconciliation, President Ghani had announced a list of names as part of the Council members, the list was later opposed at that time by Abdullah Abdullah.

Since then, contrary to the political agreement of both sides, the council was left without members and lacks a formal organization.

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