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PublishDate: پنج شنبه 13 September 139915:33

U.S. to Keep Satellite, Large Bases in Afghanistan

Amid the approval of troops drawdown in Afghanistan, America will keep two Large military bases in the country.

Head of US Joint Chiefs of staff, General Mark Milley said on Wednesday, that U.S. will also keep two satellite bases in the country.

America will remain in the country assisting and training Afghan security forces, and carry out #counterterrorism_operations against IS-K, ## Islamic_State_Khorasan.

This comes as Finland decided to withdraw #Finnish_troops out of Afghanistan, reducing two thirds of its troops in the country.

The Country will reduce their troops from 60 currently active soldiers to 20 soldiers in Afghanistan, Finnish Defense Forces stated.

Earlier, Acting Defense Secretary #Christopher_Miller said that U.S. will reduce troops from more than 4,500 troops to 2,500 in Afghanistan.

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