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Swedish Committee Urges Further “Attention to Rights” of PWD

KABUL, Afghanistan – The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) celebrated the International day of persons with disabilities (PWD) on Thursday, urging everyone to further invest “attention to rights of people with disabilities”, said the Committee in a press release.

More than 50,000 people with #disabilities benefited from the services provided by #Swedish_Committee for Afghanistan each year, according to the statement.

“SCA would encourage everyone about importance of creating an inclusive society where everyone including people with disabilities enjoy full participation in all aspects of their life,” said the committee.

“SCA is committed to protect and promote the rights of persons with disabilities in Afghanistan, including girls, boys, men, and women through providing equal opportunities, improving their skills and knowledge, and their physical wellbeing of persons with disabilities,” said Daniel Madhani, SCA’s Country Director.

Swedish Committee for Afghanistan implements program for people with disabilities in 14 provinces of Afghanistan in accordance with CRPDS and  the World Health Organization guidelines which emphasizes on providing rehabilitation, equalization of opportunities, poverty reduction and promoting inclusion of people with disabilities in society.

“SCA is one of the of few non-governmental organizations that provides the most services in terms of physiotherapy, orthopedics and provision of mobility and assistive devices for people with disabilities in Afghanistan,” Madhani said. “For example, last year more than 21,000 people with disabilities and non-disabled people benefited from physiotherapy services of SCA and more than 15,000 people received mobility and assistive devices.”

Since 2007, SCA has continuously been contributing towards filling the gaps in availability of rehabilitation services, establishing at least 26 #physiotherapy_clinics in Afghanistan and handed them over to the Ministry of Public Health. 

“Although SCA provides services to more than 50,000 persons with disabilities and more than 32,000 persons with disabilities and other vulnerable people are sensitized on rights of people with people with disabilities through SCA’s awareness-raising, but it is not enough for all people with disabilities in Afghanistan,” said Ahmad Khalid Fahim, Program Director of SCA.

“More attention should be paid to this deprived segment of society by both governmental and non-governmental organizations.”

Swedish Committee for Afghanistan is one of the non-governmental organizations that has been providing a wide range of services to rural communities, women, girls and boys, persons with disabilities and internally displaced people for more than 30 years with vision of an Afghanistan free of poverty, violence, and discrimination.

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