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PublishDate: Thursday, December 3, 202014:14

500 Civilians Killed, Wounded in Taliban Offensives since Oct.

The Interior Ministry says nearly 500 civilians have been killed and wounded in attacks by Taliban militants in the past month.

Interior Ministry spokesman Tariq Arian said on Thursday that Taliban fighters had carried out 16 suicide attacks and planted 168 mines in the past month.

He added that as a result of these actions, #Taliban_fighters had killed 134 civilians across the country.

According to Arian, 342 other civilians have been injured in the past month due to the escalation of violence by the Taliban.

#Civilian_casualties in Afghanistan have always been a serious concern for human rights organizations.

The #United_Nations has repeatedly called on the Afghan government and armed opposition groups to refrain from seriously harming civilians.

But the government has always blamed the Taliban for the civilian casualties in Afghanistan, saying group’s fighters are using civilians as human shields.

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