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PublishDate: Thursday, December 3, 2020 13:55

Pardoned Prisoner Busted for Relaunching Terrorists Activities

First Vice President Amrullah Saleh announced the arrest of a Haqqani affiliated member by the National Directorate of Security.

#Saleh said on Thursday the suspect is called “Shera Ahmad” and is one of the people who was released from prison as part of thee peace deal with the Taliban insurgents.

He added that after his release from prison, the detained militant planned for a catastrophe, but fortunately was busted before his chaotic plans.

According to Saleh seven Taliban fighters were brought to justice in the past 24 hours in a series of security operations.

“Another terrorist was arrested who had infiltrated inside Security personnel in Samangan prison,” Saleh said.

In a separate incident, ANP detained nine people on charges of robbery and drug trafficking in Daikundi, Laghman and Panjshir provinces.

These individuals were detained during several separate raids, whose cases have been referred to the judicial organs for further processing.

In an MoD operation 85 Taliban militants were killed in attacks on security outposts in Zherai, Dand, and Maroof districts of #Kandahar province.

The attacks by the Taliban were repelled by the government.

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