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PublishDate: پنج شنبه 13 September 139910:07

Iranian Freight Enters Afghanistan for First Time via Train

HERAT, Afghanistan – Herat officials on Wednesday said imported goods from Iran entered the country via the Herat-Khawaf railway, marking the first ever cargo with at least 500 metric tons of cement.

#Khawaf-Herat_railway is 130km long, of which 70km is in Iran and 60km is inside Afghanistan. With the completion of this project, Afghanistan can facilitate a railway line for the first time linking #Turkey and Europe with Iranian ports in the Persian Gulf, according to sources.

“With the opening of this route, Afghanistan will be able to directly export its products to all countries that are connected in this route,” said #Yama_Shams, the head of the #Afghan_National_Railway Authority, as TOLOnews quoted.

“This was a successful test, our railway successfully completed its trip as per planning,” said Sayed Mustafa Dawoudi, deputy head of the Afghan National Railway Authority.

The construction work on phase III of Herat-Khawaf railway link has been completed and it will be open in the next ten days, officials elaborated.  

“Work continues on the design and survey of some of the areas lying on the route and will be completed very soon,” said Noor Ahmad Haidari, the deputy governor of Herat.

Meanwhile, another passenger train carrying Iranian officials arrived in the Ghoryan district of Herat, local authorities said, however, did not provide further details on whether or not it will be operational for citizens of both countries.

The project was started in April 2007 with Iran’s aid at a cost of $75 million and was due to finish in 2009, but due to some complications it was delayed.

The Herat-Khawaf railway is the largest joint infrastructural project between Iran and Afghanistan that aim to connect the country to Europe.

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