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PublishDate: پنج شنبه 13 September 139910:01

Officials Nab 9 over Multiple Charges in Kabul

KABUL, Afghanistan – The Afghan National Police (ANP) arrested at least nine suspects over multiple criminal offenses in capital city Kabul, said the Ministry of Interior Affairs in a statement Thursday.

According to the statement, all suspect involved in various criminal cases are comprehended at a time security police were dispatched at different locations throughout the city.   

“Nine suspects involving in different criminal cases were arrested during several separate raids carried out by #ANP in Kabul City,” said MoIA in a tweet.

Officials did not provide further details on the exact location and identities of the suspects, but said the arrest came under the security pact aimed to respond to a widespread concerns over growing robbery extortions and #kidnappings.

“The arrest of these #criminals took place within the implementing framework of the security covenant,” the tweet added.

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