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PublishDate: Wednesday, December 2, 2020 11:36

World Bank suspends $200 million in funding to Afghanistan

The World Bank has suspended the payment of about $200 million in funding to Afghanistan as the country’s Central Bank has failed to provide the World Bank with necessary information.

The head of the World Bank in Afghanistan, Henry Crowley, reportedly stated in a note to President Ashraf #Ghani, that the reason for holding back the money was because the Central Bank had not provided them with necessary data and information as requested.

In the letter, #Crowley said written requests by the WB to the #Central_Bank had gone unanswered and in turn he called on Ghani to intervene.

According to the World Bank, it has pledged a total of $600 million to Afghanistan for this year. Of this, $400 million has been paid over to the Afghan government bu the remaining $200 million is being withheld.

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