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Taliban Tackles Afghan Pace with Iranian Diplomat in Qatar

DOHA, Qatar – A group of Taliban delegation on Monday met with Iranian Ambassador to Doha Hameed Raza Dihqani, discussing intra-Afghan negotiations amid delays on the main talks.

The meeting came a day after Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem Wardak said that Afghan and Taliban negotiating teams have agreed on the procedural rules in a bid to push through the peace process.

“Today, the responsible for contact with Iran, Turkey and the middle east countries from the political office of the IEA Qari Deen Mohammad Haneef and his delegation met with the Iranian ambassador to #Doha Hameed Raza Dihqani and the delegation accompanying him,” said ##Wardark in a tweet.

“The related issues to both countries and the #Intra-Afghan_negotiations were discussed during the meeting,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Iranian Embassy in Qatar confirmed the meeting, posting a group picture on its twitter account, but did not further elaborate on the purpose of meeting.

On Saturday, the Afghan and Taliban negotiating teams have agreed on the procedural rules after months of struggle, said Mohammad Naeem Wardar, a spokesman for Taliban’s political office in #Qatar, Saturday evening.

While reports on such a breakthrough has been circulating around for weeks now, the spokesman confirmed on Saturday that both side of the negotiations “finalized” an agreement in 21 articles on November 15; but did not make any formal announcement prior to this report.

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