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PublishDate: Monday, November 30, 2020 10:14

Fish farming on the rise as 350 new farms launched around the country

Officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL) said that 350 fish farms have been set up in 34 provinces this year by the ministry and the private sector.

, director of fish farming at the Ministry of Agriculture, says that this year the ministry has established a total of 100 fish farms, while another 250 fish farms have been set up by the private sector in different provinces.

The and Livestock Project of the Ministry of Agriculture has built 100 new fish farms, and two poultry farms in Kunar, Balkh, Baghlan, Laghman, Kandahar, Khost and provinces, each with a production capacity of 2.7 to 3 metric tons of fish and each breeding farm has a hatchling capacity of 2.4 million baby fish.

“According to our study, this year the level of fish production has increased by 1,500 tons compared to last year,” said Forough.

According to ministry officials, last year fish production reached about 10,000 metric tons and this year it will reach 11,500 tons.


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