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PublishDate: Sunday, November 29, 2020 14:30

UK, France Ink Pact to Halt Illegal Migrant Crossings

UNITED KINGDOM – Britain and France on Saturday signed an agreement aimed at ending illegal migration across the English Channel, according to sources.

The English Channel, also called simply the Channel, is an arm of the #Atlantic_Ocean that separates Southern England from northern France and links to the southern part of the North Sea by the Strait of Dover at its northeastern end. 

Starting Dec. 1, patrols on French beaches will be doubled, and technology, including drones and radar, will be used detect the would-be migrant crossings, British Home Secretary Priti Patel said, as VOA reported.

Patel said the agreement would help the two countries “make channel crossings completely unviable.”

According to Patel, Britain had given #France nearly $200 million to tackle #immigration in the past 10 years

More than 6,000 people tried to cross the Channel from January 1 through August of this year, where at least seven people have died trying to cross to Britain.

French authorities have said that in September they had intercepted more than 1,300 people attempting to reach Britain.

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