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PublishDate: Sunday, November 29, 202009:16

1260 Enrollees to Server alongside ANA after Completing Military Training

KABUL, Afghanistan – At least 1260 soldiers have joined the school for Afghan National Army Commando Corps to serve Afghanistan in the frontline against terrorism after graduation, said the Ministry of Defense in a statement Saturday night.

According to the statement, the newly #enrolled_officers will be standing alongside the Afghan commando forces after completing a series of military training.

“1260 soldiers and officers have joined the commando school and will receive advanced military training,” said MoD in a tweet. “They will be added to commando forces after they have received #commando military training in order to defend our land and people.”


Previously, some 360 Afghan National Army (ANA) took oath of allegiance to fight terrorists “till their last breath”, said the Ministry of Defense Monday morning, deploying them in north battle against the known Taliban insurgents.

According to the authorities, these soldiers will be deployed in Northern provinces, including #Balkh and Takhar, where security threats are at its peak.

This came amid a widespread concern over a rising insecurity that has targeted locals and civilians in northern provinces – mainly Balkh and #Takhar, where reportedly several districts are under severe influences of the Taliban.

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