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PublishDate: Saturday, November 28, 202015:05

Badakhshan Police Nabs 7 Drug Peddlers

Badakhshan Anti-Narcotics Police report the arrest of seven drug traffickers in the past week.

Anti-narcotics police say Badakhshan police seized 445 kilograms of #opium, 84 kilograms of hashish, and 4 kilograms of heroin in the Zurabad village of Khwahan district as a result of the operation.

The materials were said to have been smuggled in a pickup truck from Argo district to Khwahan district and from there to Tajikistan.

According to the provincial police chief, two were arrested in connection to this matter.

According to them, in another operation, 359 kilograms of solid chemicals called “Naw-Shadar” were seized from the Kishm district of the province.

The provincial police chief added that two other individuals are under police surveillance.

#Anti-narcotics police also reported the seizure of a car and the arrest of three drug dealers in the city of Faizabad in #Badakhshan province.

#Drug trafficking has increased in different provinces of the country, earlier this month, two drug traffickers were arrested at Hamid Karzai Airport and two other traffickers were arrested in #Nangarhar province.

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