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PublishDate: Saturday, November 28, 202009:58

Afghan Products Displayed at Turkey Expo

Afghan businessmen displayed their products at an international trade fair in Turkey where 500 companies from various parts of the world have attended.

At least 10 companies from Afghanistan have attended at the event.

Afghan Consulate in the Turkish city of Istanbul said their presence in the expo is to conduct marketing for the Afghan products.

Afghan businessmen have displayed saffron and dried fruits.

“Such exhibitions have their own impacts, but COVID-19 has its impacts too, however, we are optimistic,” said Hasina, CEO of Akram Zaeefi Company.

“Turkey has always been a good market for the Afghan products like food and agricultural products. So this exhibition has created a good opportunity,” said Rahmatullah Rahmani, CEO of Herat Saffron Company.

Afghan business community said that Turkey is the best way for Afghanistan to import its products to the European markets.

“Afghans are able to find their way in the Turkish markets and the Afghan General Consulate is prepared to do what it can for this purpose,” said Zakaria Barikzai, the Afghan General Counselor in Istanbul.

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