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PublishDate: پنج شنبه 6 September 139913:22

Balkh: Local Police Commander Killed

Balkh Police headquarters, says that last night in the PD5 of Mazar-e-Sharif city, the local police chief of Chamtal district of the province was killed by unknown gunmen.

#Adel_Shah_Adel, the spokesman for the #Balkh Police, told the media on Thursday that, Amir Gul, the local police chief of Chamtal district, had been killed in unknown gunmen attack.

He added that no one has been arrested in connection with the incident so far, but an investigation is ongoing to capture the murderers.

In recent weeks, the northern province of Balkh has witnessed Taliban offensives in several districts in the region, the group have launched several offensive attacks to seize #Dowlatabad and #Chamtal districts of Balkh province, but were failed in their efforts.

In another incident, Police say, three people, including a 22-year-old woman, two men aged 30 and 23, were killed by unknown gunmen in the Farkhar district of the Takhar province.

#Khalil_Asir, a spokesman for the Takhar Police, told that the three victims had gone to court as witnesses in relation to a criminal case, they were gunned down on the way back.

Asir added,  that the incident took place on Wednesday evening, in Shingan village of this district.

Provincial police have launched an investigation is underway to identify and arrest the perpetrators of the incident.

At the same time, the citizens of the country are suffering from insecurity, and on the other hand, smuggling, kidnapping, and corruption have turned out to become a major challenge to the public.

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