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PublishDate: Tuesday, November 24, 2020 13:07

Saleh Faces Backlash over Recent Remarks Accusing MPs of Corruption

The Afghan House of Representatives has canceled its session on Tuesday, in protest of remarks made by First Vice President Amrullah Saleh about the assembly.

Six #ministerial_nominees were scheduled to present their tasks to the parliament for votes of Confidence.

“We need a political consensus that we do not have, any time the government decides to take action, the international community warns us to politically proceed, instead of clearing corruption. Some corruption is imposed on us, by the international community,” said #Saleh.

In the prisoner swap process, for further procedures of the peace process, he added, “some well-known drug traffickers were released in the name of peace.”

This comes days after, during the #Geneva summit Monday, Saleh accused some members of parliament of widespread corruption, saying the government had failed to bring corrupt members of “parliament to justice”.

Amrullah Saleh had said that no Parliament member accused of corruption have been prosecuted.

Besides Saleh said in a post, “that clean-up of the port of Hairatan from termite-officials begins”, which has weakened and rotted the government’s financial system from within in many years.

For him, it is a mystery why the Mujahideen does not restraint money extortion and usurpation of public property, said Saleh pointing to Ata Mohammad Noor.

Noor in an exclusive interview with Ariananews said that Amrullah Saleh was seeking to discredit the country’s political parties and personalities through his actions.

He had warned that if these actions were not stopped, they would stand beside other #Mujahideen figures against his plans.


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