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PublishDate: سه شنبه 4 September 139909:33

Saleh Accuses Parliament Members of Corruption: 2020 Afghanistan Conference

Amrullah Saleh, First Vice President, addressed an event on anti-corruption in Geneva conference, accusing certain Afghan lawmakers of being involved in huge corruption cases while none has been investigated.

He said this is a forgotten corner, and to this date, ministers, generals, directors and even politicians of high stature have been charged but no member of the parliament has paid any price for their involvement in corruption.

According to Saleh corruption by certain members of the parliament is big, political consensus for fighting corruption is not seen in governmental offices.

“There is need for political consensus – We don’t have it. Each time we want to act decisively, we are warned by the international community to opt for political accommodation than cleansing corruption,” #Saleh said.

“Some of the most corrupt are imposed on us in the name of political accommodation. Some of the known drug dealers were released in the name of peacemaking,” he exclaimed.

This comes at a time the 2020 #Afghanistan_Conference, a ministerial pledging conference, co-hosted by the Governments of Afghanistan and Finland with the #United_Nations, was launched on the 23rd of November. 

The quadrennial pledging conference is an important opportunity for Afghanistan and the international community to commit to common objectives for promoting sustainable development, prosperity, and peace in the country.

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