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Calls for ceasefire increase as Geneva Donor summit gets underway

The 2020 Afghanistan Conference in Geneva titled “Peace, Prosperity, and Self-Reliance” has brought together around 70 countries and international organizations virtually who will discuss financial assistance to Afghanistan for the next four years.

The two-day summit was officially opened by Afghanistan’s Foreign Minister Haneef Atmar who said that currently, a reduction in violence is a priority for Afghanistan.

“We are grateful to our international and regional partners and to the UN to help start the negotiations. However the priority is reducing violence,” #Atmar said.

“The end state of the peace process must be determined by the free will of Afghan people and be acceptable to the international community.”

He stated: “This end state is defined as a unified, sovereign and democratic Afghanistan where peace and stability are neither threatened from within nor from outside.”

First Lady Rula Ghani also addressed delegates and stated that the Taliban has intensified attacks against the Afghan forces since the start of the intra-Afghan talks in #Doha.

“The government has made all concessions but Taliban intensified attacks, killings, and maintained ties with terror groups,” Ghani pointed out.

She said: “We want peace, we dream peace, we cherish peace. But we will adhere to important principles embedded in our Constitution, the values of our Republic.”

#UN Human Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet asked the warring parties in #Afghanistan to avoid causing civilian casualties, to cease targeting public facilities, ensure women participation, protect civic space, and address victims’ needs and ensure justice in the country.

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