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PublishDate: Monday, November 23, 202013:41

MoD Reconnaissance Corps Foil Rocket Attacks on Kabul

The Ministry of Defense has announced that four BM1 rockets have been prevented from being fired over Kabul city.

MoD said in a statement that four BM1 rockets Taliban fighters had placed in the #Qala-e-Qazi area of ​​Paghman district to target Kabul city, is discovered.

The BM1 shells were discovered in a joint operation of 111 reconnaissance corps.

According to the statement, the rockets were discovered and seized sunday night as a result of a joint operation.

On the other hand, three security personnel were killed and six others were injured when Taliban insurgents attacked a convoy of security forces in the central Baghlan district of northern Baghlan province last night, officials reported.

The incident took place when a convoy of security forces was passing through the #Kunduz-Baghlan highway, as it came under attack in the central Baghlan district, sources said.

Three security personnel were killed and six others were injured in the attack, according to news sources.

 This comes as officials in Nimroz reports of Three other policemen killed and six more were wounded in a Taliban attack on a security outpost in #Chakhansoor district, Nimroz province.

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