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PublishDate: Sunday, November 22, 2020 13:17

ANP Defuses 2 Mines in Rishkhor of Kabul City

KABUL, Afghanistan – A special unit of the Afghan National Police (ANP) has discovered and defused at least two roadside mines in Police District 7 of the capital city Kabul Sunday, said the Ministry of Interior Affairs in a statement.

Officials did not provide further details, but said the explosive devices were “planted by terrorists” in #Rishkhor area of Kabul.

“ANP bomb disposal unit discovered & defused two roadside bombs planted by terrorists in Rishkhor area, 7th district of Kabul City,” said the MoIA in a tweet.

Meanwhile, in a news from #Kandahar, Afghan National Police (ANP) “detected a landmine in 1st district of Kandahar City”, according to the statement.

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