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PublishDate: Sunday, November 22, 202012:02

Saleh: 10 Killed, 51 Wounded in Kabul Rocket Attacks

First Vice President, Amrullah Saleh said, Ten civilians were killed and 51 others were injured in Kabul rocket attacks on Saturday.

ISIL took the responsibility for the attack.

Due to Saturday’s #rocket_attacks on the city of Kabul, the level of public support to the 6:30am meetings have decreased, he said.

#Saleh assures the people that he will find out the nature of these attacks and has started a serious and extensive investigation to identify the perpetrators of this incident.

Meanwhile, he stressed that currently he sees no effects of the 6am meetings in securing Kabul.

Saleh added that the ammunition that was fired at Kabul Saturday is abundant in the northern villages, adding in coordination with the administration of neighboring provinces, he will find the source of this ammunition.

According to the first vice president, #Kabul_Bank’s liquidation management will also be included in morning meetings, he is expected to work on stabilizing the debtors who are unwilling to pay their dues, as well as runaway borrowers.

He said that the inclusion of Kabul Bank’s detailed management in the 6:30 a.m. meetings was based on the decision of the high council for the Rule of Law.

Saleh also noted that excellent progress has been made in the case of the attack on #Kabul_University and that investigations are ongoing.


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