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PublishDate: Thursday, November 19, 202015:49

Khan Vows to 'Do Everything' To Reduce Violence in Afghanistan

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan at a press conference with President Ashraf Ghani in Kabul on Thursday said that “Pakistan will do everything and whatever is possible to reduce violence” in Afghanistan.



Khan said Pakistan has played its role to getting the Taliban in Afghanistan’s dialogue, adding that “despite the talks, violence has increased in Afghanistan.”

“We are assuring you that we will do more than your expectation,” Khan assured President Ghani.

“Pakistan is a country after Afghanistan that interest more in peace in Afghanistan,” he said. 

Khan thanked President Ghani for inviting him to visit Kabul, adding that in the past 50 years, he wanted to visit Kabul, but it happened now.

“The whole idea to coming at the time that violence is increasing here is to show you Mr President that we, the people of Pakistan and the government of Pakistan, have only one concern what you are feeling. We want peace for people of Afghanistan which are suffering in the past four decades,” Khan said. 

President Ghani called Khan's visit to Kabul as “historic,” adding that Pakistan's Prime Minister has come with a message that “violence is not the answer to the current situation.”

“The demand of Afghan people is a comprehensive ceasefire,” Ghani said. 

Khan arrived in Kabul on Thursday in his first official visit and met Afghan leaders and discussed “bilateral ties.”

This is Imran Khan’s first visit to Afghanistan since assuming office in August 2018.

He is accompanied by Pakistan's Foreign Minister, Adviser for Commerce and Investment, and senior officials.

Khan’s visit is part of regular high-level exchanges between Pakistan and Afghanistan, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.

President Ashraf Ghani had last visited Pakistan in June 2019. Earlier, the two leaders had a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the 14th OIC Summit in Makkah in May 2019.

Khan also had a telephonic conversation with President Ghani in September 2020.   


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