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PublishDate: چهارشنبه 28 August 139911:04

Officials Detain ISIS-Taliban Member for Extorting Money: Saleh

First Vice President Amrullah Saleh announces the arrest of an ISIS Taliban member.

Saleh wrote on his Facebook page, Wednesday, that a member of the ISIS-Taliban named ##“Ezatullah” had been arrested.

The first vice president says the man wanted to extort $ 100,000 from money changers and previously had thrown a hand grenade at them to set a grown fear among the Shroves.  

#Saleh also said that another Taliban member, “Mohammad Zahir”, who had recently killed a national security official, had also been detained by security forces.

This comes as the second core member behind the Kabul university attack is known as #Hezbollah, originally a resident of #Kunar province, and the captured militant is transferred to Kabul, Saleh said on Tuesday.

Saleh previously, stressed that he has undeniable documents that show how security gaps are being identified by the enemy.

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