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PublishDate: Monday, November 16, 2020 13:46

Pakistani Police Detains Man over Raping Five-Year-Old Child

Women participate in a demonstration to condemn the incident of rape on a deserted highway, in Islamabad, Pakistan.

According to Washington Post, Pakistani police detained a man they had brought three days ago, suspected of a mother and her five-year-old child.

Rafique Malik, who was already in police custody was gunned down by his alleged accomplice, Khairullah Bugti.

According to critics, the question remains as to why police failed to provide Malik protection during the raid.

The assault on the mother and daughter in Kashmore district of southern Sindh fueled rage among the public and deeply shock .

Many people in the region demanded swift execution of the perpetrators.

What has been happening prior to the arrest?

Police reports to the Washington Post, the woman and his 5-year-old daughter were lured by Malik into his house for purpose of giving the mother a job, after assaulting her with his accomplice.

The mother was allowed to leave in a promise to bring the perpetrators another woman, the child was held hostage in cattle shed and was assaulted while waiting for the mother’s return.

Mother had returned to police and later in a trapped operation Malik was detained, and the child was reportedly rescued.

As Malik was dragged to identify his accomplice at his residence, Bugti opened fire, killing malik on the spot.

According to Daily Mail, the mother worked at a hospital and was lured in deceit to see a patient, and the abductors kept them for 15 days, raping the woman and her child over that time.

The child is reported to be in critical condition at a hospital in the city of Larkana.

In September, two abductors pulled a woman outside of her car, gang-raped her as her toddler watched, both men are reported arrested. 


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