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PublishDate: Saturday, November 14, 2020 10:41

Mastermind of Kabul University attack arrested

First Vice President Amrullah Saleh said Saturday that the mastermind of the attack on Kabul university has been arrested.

Speaking at a 6:30 am session with other officials, Saleh said that the mastermind of the attack on #Kabul_University, whose name is “Adel”, from Panjshir province, was a student at the Kabul Faculty of Sharia three years ago.

Saleh said that based on the information received from local people, Adel disappeared from the area three years ago, and according to him, he went to Khost province to join the Haqqani network and receive combat training.

Adel was recruited by Sanaullah, a member of Haqqani network.
“He says he [Adel] was told to do something to put pressure on the government and appear weak and inefficient in people’s minds,” Saleh said on his facebook page.

Adel had received weapons from Haqqni netwok from Khost province and was receiving instructions from Sanaullah, a member of Haqqni netwok.

Last Monday Saleh gave an update on the attack on Kabul University and said attackers blew themselves up with handgrenades when they realised special forces were closing in on them through the roof of the building.

According to #Saleh, the attackers had done this in a bid to erase their fingerprints so that they could not be identified.

He said they committed suicide in the end, using handgrenades.

Saleh also said efforts were being made using advanced technology with the help of foreign allies to identify the bodies, but stressed he could not disclose further progress due to the sensitivity of the investigation at this stage.

He also did not say how many attackers killed themselves.

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