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PublishDate: پنج شنبه 22 August 139912:00

CNPA Seizes 100kgs of Hashish, Nabs 1

NANGARHAR, Afghanistan – Counter Narcotic Police of Afghanistan (CNPA) seized some 100 kilograms of hashish during an operation carried in Dur Baba district of the eastern Nangarhar province, said the Ministry of Interior Affairs Thursday.

Officials, however, did not provide further details on any suspected being comprehended in the operation.

“CNPA seized 100kg of hashish during a search operation in Dur Baba district of eastern #Nangarhar province,” MoIA said in a tweet.

Meanwhile, in another news from Kunduz, the CNPA nabbed at least one suspect charged over drug trafficking in the Northern Province.

Officials seized 3.5 kilograms of hashish during the operation.

“The hashish were recovered from a residence. Meanwhile, #CNPA arrested a drug trafficker along with 3.5kg of hashish in 8th district of Kunduz City of Kunduz province,” the tweet added.

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