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PublishDate: Sunday, November 8, 2020 15:34

Gov’t Believes U.S.-Afghan Ties Remain Intact Even after Trump Defeat

KABUL, Afghanistan – Afghan government believes the diplomatic relationship between the United States and Afghanistan will remain intact even after Donald Trump loses the presidential seat to democrat Joe Biden, saying their strategic partnership stands on “mutual interest’.

“The foundation of our partnership over the past nineteen years has always been based on the understanding that the two governments and the people have on their common interests,” said Presidential Spokesman Sediq Sediqqi, as quoted by TOLOnews.

“No doubt, we will remain as an ally whether there is any administration in the United States,” he added.

While the government remains positive about it diplomatic ties with America, critique suggests ’s victory will bring changes in the US policy towards Afghan peace process, affecting greatly the February accord signed between Trump and the Taliban on troops withdrawal.

“He [Biden] is also in support of withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan, but his approach can be a different one regarding this issue.” said Shinkai Karokhel, an Afghan MP.

“There is a hope that Biden will hear more about this [troops withdrawal], especially the plans that are supposed to be shared by the US army and the US intelligence,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ali Akbar Qasimi, another MP believes Biden might review certain polices, but it will not “change” it in “great context”.

However, it remains unclear whether there will be a significant shift in the US policy towards Afghanistan after the announcement for the winner of US presidential elections.­­­



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