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PublishDate: Wednesday, November 4, 2020 11:02

Kandahar: 13 Taliban Fighters Killed In AAF Airstrikes

The Ministry of Defense reported, AAF conducted an operation in Kandahar Province, 13 Taliban fighters have reportedly been killed in the airstrikes.

The ministry says in a press release on Wednesday, that the operation took place in the Panjwai district.

The airstrikes also destroyed a large amount of Taliban weapons and ammunition depots, the statement reads.

MOD indicates all of the militant’s attacks restrained threats to provincial collapse into the hands of the Taliban.

The southern province of Kandahar is evident to heavy clashes between Taliban militants and the Afghan government in the past weeks.

According to reports, in the past few days, the Taliban have suffered heavy casualties in Arghandab and Zheray districts of Kandahar province.


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