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PublishDate: دوشنبه 12 August 139910:29

Afghan Forces Clash With Taliban Rebels In Three Provinces Parallel To Peace Talks In Doha

Amid the ongoing Afghan peace talks between the national govt and Taliban, local officials have reported clashes between the sides in three southern provinces

Amid the ongoing Intra-Afghan peace talks between the national government and Taliban, local officials have reported clashes between the two forces in three southern provinces of Afghanistan. As per reports, clashes have troubled life in Helmand, Kandahar and Uruzgan provinces while the parts of the Arghandab district in Kandahar and Dehraood district in Uruzgan have already come under the control of the militants.

Clashes between Afghan security forces and the Taliban in 3 provinces

Local officials from the region have added that the clashed between the government forces and the Taliban has already displaced thousands of people with the situation threatening to go out of control unless some drastic action is taken. As per reports, the Kandahar Police Chief has revealed that in the course of recent fighting, at least 70 Taliban fighters have been killed and wounded.

According to statistics provided by Afghanistan’s Ministry of Interior Affairs on Saturday, October 31, the Taliban have carried out as many as 2,000 attacks in just the last 50 days. In the same period, more than 250 civilians have been killed and over 600 injured. There has been a serious uptick in Taliban clashes with the Afghan security forces since the start of the peace talks between the two parties in Doha, Qatar.

The ongoing Intra-Afghan peace talks are a result of a deal signed between the Taliban and the United States back in February. As per the deal signed between Washington and the Taliban, the US will move its troops out of the country and the Taliban would enter into prisoner exchange negotiations with the Afghan government.

It was only after the completion of the prisoner exchanges that the peace talks between the Afghan Government and the Taliban were able to commence in Doha, Qatar where the Taliban have their political office. The first day for the peace talks that began in September was attended by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who stated that the talks presented Afghanistan with the ‘historic opportunity’ to bring an end to the decades-long conflict and establish long-lasting peace.

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