President Ashraf Ghani at a ceremony on Prophet Mohammad's birthday on Thursday said that Quran and Islamic sharia should be the basis for the peace negotiations in Doha.

Ghani said the Taliban claims that they have fought for the religion but they have made the US-Taliban deal as "basis for the talks."

He called on the Taliban to make the Holy Quran and Islamic sharia as basis for the talks and exchange views with religious scholars of the country. 

Ghani said that “40 drug smugglers have been asked to release by those who are accusing the government of corruption,” referring to the Taliban's call for release of their prisoners.

“None of these 40 individuals have been arrested over links with the Taliban,” Ghani said. “We are building mosques in the country but the Taliban is destroying mosque and madrassas," Ghani said.

The negotiations in Doha have faced delays over two disputed points for the ground rules for the talks: the religious basis for the talks and the authority of the US-Taliban deal as the "mother deal" underlying the current negotiations.   

The sources said the two sides have agreed to allow Qatar to play a role as mediator to break the impasse over the disputed points. 

The two sides have held over 10 meetings at the contact groups level over the last 40 days, but have not reached an agreement on the disputed points to begin the direct talks, which have been called a historic opportunity for Afghanistan to end the decades of war and bloodshed. 

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