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PublishDate: Thursday, October 29, 2020 09:17

Questions Raised on Recent Unclaimed Attacks

Recent attacks in Kabul and Khost provinces that have gone unclaimed have raised questions among Afghans who say it will undermine the ongoing peace efforts in the country.

The Interior Affairs Ministry has blamed Taliban for the attacks, but the group has not claimed responsibility for the incidents and has rejected involvement in some of them. 

On Tuesday, Kabul, Zabul and Khost witnessed deadly attacks for which no group claimed responsibility. At least five civilians were killed in Khost, eight in Zabul and five in Kabul, according to local officials. 

Taliban committed in their deal with the United States to avoid attacks on big cities. The Khost attack, carried out by seven attackers with three explosive-laden vehicles targeting a police special unit, was similar to those carried out by the Taliban as analysts put it, but the group did not claim responsibility for the attack.  

“There were targeted killing of government employees by the Taliban and is still underway. This is not new,” said Abdul Bari Ariz, a political analyst, referring to targeted attacks claimed by the Taliban. 

“Some people see their interest in war and destruction,” said Abdul Yamin Muzzaffaruddin, former governor of Maidan Wardak. 

Afghan security agencies attribute most of these attacks to the Taliban. In most cases, however, the Taliban has denied involvement in the attacks. 

“The Taliban has always caused civilian casualties by their explosions, roadside bombings and car bomb attacks,” said Tariq Arian, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior Affairs. 

“Some attacks were staged against us and we had the right to defend them, so we defended ourselves,” said Mohammad Naeem, spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Doha. 

Recently the Ministry of Interior Affairs said that the Taliban had formed a 100-member team of assailants to carry out targeted killings in cities. In response the Taliban said that the team was assigned to target only employees of security agencies.


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