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Religious Scholars in Bangladesh Issue Fatwa, Calling Afghanistan War Against Islamic Norms

The Ulema, Sheikhs, and Muftis of the Republic of Bangladesh have issued a Fatwa calling an end to the war and the establishment of peace in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated in a press release on Monday, that the Ulema, Sheikhs, and Muftis of the Republic of Bangladesh have boycotted the declaration of the current war in the country.

According to the newsletter, Bangladeshi scholars have supported the Intra-Afghan dialogue in Qatar, calling it important for peace in Afghanistan.

The religious scholars forbade the current war in Afghanistan and said that “this war is against the religious scriptures (verses) of Islam”.

The Bangladeshi Religious Scholars Resolution states that “we welcome and support the actions of the ulema of the Islamic world to condemn the terrorist acts of terrorist groups in Afghanistan”.

It is noteworthy, that Bangladeshi clerics have called on the warring parties in Afghanistan to respond to the people’s call for peace and agree on a nationwide ceasefire to reduce violence and protect civilians.

Bangladeshi Ulemas (religious scholars) called on the parties involved, especially the Taliban, to refrain from destroying or damaging public facilities, adding all parties have to work together in a spirit of tolerance and to build trust.

The meeting was held on Sunday in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, under the title of “Call for Peace in Afghanistan”.

MoFA expressed its gratitude for the issuance of the declaration of the fatwa by the scholars and reiterated the reduction of violence and ceasefire.

Earlier, scholars from the Islamic world had embargoed the ongoing war in Afghanistan at a general meeting in Pakistan and called for an end to it.

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