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PublishDate: Saturday, October 24, 2020 13:53

Blasts Kill Nine People in Ghazni: Official

At least nine people, including eight civilians, were killed in two roadside bombings in the central city of Ghani on Saturday morning, said Wahidullah Jumazada, spokesman for Ghazni governor.

The first explosion happened in Rawza area in #Ghazi city when a vehicle struck a #roadside _bomb in which eight civilians, including four women, were killed and one more was wounded, Jumazada said.

He said the second explosion happened when a security forces vehicle struck a roadside bomb as they arrived at the first explosion’s scene.

This comes as violence has remained high in the country despite ongoing peace negotiations in Doha. 

Figures by the Ministry of Interior Affairs show that the Taliban conducted 356 movements over the last week. Two suicide attacks and 52 explosions were part of the movements, the data shows.

The data also indicates that 51 civilians were killed and 137 more were wounded in the Taliban attacks over the last week. 

The ministry also says that the Afghan forces responded to Taliban offensives in the last week in which 403 Taliban fighters were killed and 140 more were wounded.

Taliban has not commented on the data provided by the ministry.

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